Building Maintenance Services

building maintenance servicesBudget-conscious businesses are always looking for smart and effective ways to reduce costs while maintaining critical services. Building maintenance services are a high priority for many companies because of the time and costs involved in the proper care of their facilities.

Maintaining properties is a time-consuming process for owners and managers, as they often have to juggle numerous contractors to meet a variety of needs. Due to communication and scheduling issues, this can lead to poor service delivery.

Recently, with interruptions in the economy due to the pandemic, businesses are acutely aware of keeping their facilities in the best working condition possible. Trillium stands ready to give employers the high-quality building maintenance they need at any time.

The Right Call

Building maintenance services made easy is something any company appreciates. With Trillium’s single-platform model, businesses can get all of their facility maintenance needs met with one phone call. Here’s how we deliver our services to our customers:

  • 1 call, 1 vendor, 1 invoice
  • Expert, responsive customer service available 24/7/365
  • A real person to handle your call
  • Exclusive SimpleFM software for easy online management

Save the hassles of dealing with multiple vendors and insurance certifications. Our team of professionals will develop a yearly maintenance plan so you can rest assured that trusted, licensed contractors will keep everything in good working order.

Building Maintenance Companies

building maintenance companiesRoutine repairs are a large part of maintenance work. For multi-site companies, having to move staff around is inefficient in terms of time and money. If staff are busy on other jobs, this can result in unnecessary delays.

Trillium has a network of contractors ready to go directly to a jobsite as needs arise.

Letting broken or non-functioning items build up on your checklist can have the unintended consequence of making your workplace look neglected. Our goal is to make certain your buildings are safe and meet compliance standards while preserving their appearance and quality.

Comprehensive Property Maintenance

Trillium works with a wide range of contractors to address your general building maintenance services, providing a comprehensive list of property maintenance options:

  • Plumbing: Water line draining and inspection, sediment removal, pressure testing, water heater servicing, and septic and sewage upkeep
  • Electrical: Full-service commercial electrical repairs and maintenance, including remodel and construction projects
  • HVAC & refrigeration: Installing new systems, maintaining and fixing inoperative or inefficient equipment
  • Window cleaning: Weekly, monthly and annual exterior window cleanings
  • Parking lot & sidewalk: Cleaning, maintaining and repairing sidewalks and parking lots, including concrete and asphalt surfaces, with line striping
  • Snow & ice management: Plowing and pre-weather treatments, heavy equipment snow and ice removal
  • Seasonal landscaping: All-season maintenance, including mowing, planting, pruning, fertilization, pest protection, aeration and general upkeep

Not all building maintenance companies are the same. Trillium offers unique delivery capabilities with first-rate customer support.

Flexibility and Experience

Trillium specializes in outsourcing to the best vendors in the industry. Our single-platform model is the simple and direct structure businesses appreciate. Our customers value the flexibility and the experience we bring to commercial facilities management. Our success has been achieved through establishing trusted relationships.

Since 2002, our company has been growing the knowledge and expertise it takes to deliver top-quality building maintenance services. Our mission has always been to simplify our clients’ lives through a streamlined management approach. We’ve designed tools, such as our handy mobile app, that allow you to get business done where and when it’s convenient.

Facilities Services

Best of all, we can get you the right maintenance plan at the right price. To request more information about what we can do or to ask questions, fill out our contact form. You can also reach us today at our Michigan offices by calling (888) 358-0002.


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