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Service providers and building owners alike can agree that managing multiple work orders at once can be more of a headache than it’s worth. Between back-and-forth emails, missed phone calls and late-night text messages, it’s easy to drop the ball on one or several important maintenance tasks. Facilities management software, such as SimpleFM, streamlines the facilities management process by providing one platform on which clients can submit and track work orders, and through which providers can track, manage and respond to them.
facilities management software dashboard
one invoice

One Invoice

Forget about complex invoice tracking, with Trillium you save time and money by consolidating all of your facilities management fees into one convenient invoice.

Insurance done for you

Trillium and its licensed contractors have insurance coverage so you have one less thing to worry about. That is just one more way we offer hassle-free service to our clients.
call center

24/7 Support

Emergencies don’t wait for work hours. Our team of dedicated agents is available 24/7/365. We employ real people who are prepared to help when you need it the most.
real people

Real People

Work with a dedicated account manager that understands your specific facility and the services you need. We love our company, we love what we do and we’re here to serve you.
mobile app

Mobile App

Time is money and we understand the need to work quickly and efficiently. With our Simple FM app, you can submit and manage work orders at any time from anywhere.

How it works

Our goal at Trillium Facility Solutions is to make things as simple as possible for our clients. The SimpleFM app enables us to streamline facility maintenance and management for customers and providers alike. Let’s take a look:
Problem at location

Problem at one of the locations

Some problems need immediate attention from management, the customer or the provider. When issues do arise, parties can communicate via the SimpleFM app to ensure a speedy response.

Submit work order using SimpleFM

Submit new work orders as issues arise or as you think of projects that need to be completed all from your iPhone or iPad.
Submitting work order
Order being received and dispatched

Order received & dispatched

The customer can track the provider’s progress on his or her end and have peace of mind that all work orders are satisfied on time.

Contractor arrives to fix the problem

Our network of highly skilled providers has the talent and capacity to do it all. Rest assured, your project is in great hands.
Fixing the problem

Happy Client

Our network of highly skilled providers has the talent and capacity to do it all. Rest assured, your project is in great hands.
Happy client after using facilities management software

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