Facilities Management

Our facilities management services are designed to save you the time, hassle and headache associated with keeping your facility operating at optimal capacity. From keeping the electrical systems safe and efficient to ensuring your windows and landscaping are clean and inviting, our network has the talent and capacity to do it all.

Advantages of Facilities Management

Outsourcing facility maintenance is not only more efficient and cost-effective but it offers many additional advantages to your business. With all the decisions you must make on a daily basis, running a business puts significant pressure on you.

When you hire Trillium Facility Solutions to handle facility management, it means one less thing for you to worry about. Our comprehensive facilities services mean that we can work out a plan that meets all your needs.

Health and Safety Compliance

Regardless of what industry you are in, there are government-mandated regulations you must meet to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers. Not only are we familiar with the applicable regulations, but we can ensure that your facility is compliant.


When you purchased your premises and the equipment that you use to run your business, you made a significant investment. Facility management helps to protect your investment by performing regular upkeep and maintenance. Caring for your assets in this way helps to prevent them from breaking down and decaying, prolonging their useful lifespan.

Maintaining your business assets not only keeps them in operation longer, but it also prevents you from having to make large repairs on your equipment. Large repairs tend to cost more money and take the equipment out of commission for a period of time.

The cost of repairs combined with the revenue lost during the downtime can cause your business to take a significant financial hit, one from which it may be difficult to recover. Regular facility maintenance helps to minimize the downtime, saving you money in the long run.

Increased Efficiency

Employees tend to be more productive when they work in an environment that is safe and clean. Showing that you care about your employees’ comfort by making their workplace more pleasant also helps to inspire loyalty from them. This means less turnover, meaning that you can save on the time and expense of constantly hiring and training new employees.

Professional Image

It is particularly important to present a professional image when you run a customer-facing facility. However, even if you do not have clients visiting your premises as a matter of course, it is important to make a positive impression on the community by ensuring your facility is properly maintained, both inside and out.

Dirty premises in disrepair do not indicate to others that you are too busy to concern yourself with maintenance tasks, although that may be the reality of the situation. Rather, it indicates that you do not care enough to make the effort to make sure your facility is clean and in good condition.

Contact Trillium Facility Solutions

facilities management

Trillium will work with you to develop an annual routine maintenance plan for your business’s facilities. Commercial buildings undergo a lot of wear and tear during the course of a year, and we make it our job to ensure all aspects of your building are in optimal condition. If unexpected problems crop up, you can call our 24/7 call center for swift assistance.

HVAC systems are critical components of any comfortable work environment. They are also complex in nature and difficult to repair. Routine maintenance from one of our service providers can help prevent costly issues, while on-call providers can restore a broken unit to optimal conditions.

Plumbing problems can be an unnecessary and costly headache for building owners. Trillium’s network consists of plumbing providers across the nation who provide both preventative and maintenance services.

When electrical systems go awry, your business may suffer an unnecessary monetary loss due to business closure and safety concerns. Trillium’s multi-site electrical services were designed to prevent faults and outages and to repair damage as soon as possible.

The cleanliness of your windows says a lot about your company and the way in which you do business. Make sure your windows give off a good first impression. Work with our team to develop a window cleaning and maintenance schedule that will keep your panes clear and free of debris.

Just like your windows, the state of your sidewalks and parking lot speak volumes about your business and its values. From resurfacing your lot to maintaining your sidewalks, Trillium will ensure the impression your lot gives off is a positive one.

You cannot prevent Mother Nature from dumping feet of snow onto your parking lot, but you can control what becomes of it. When snow and ice threaten to close down your business, Trillium will send along a crew to remove it — along with any liabilities it presents.

Nearly two decades ago, Trillium’s founder, Zoran, started a landscaping business in his Michigan neighborhood. 10 years later, after tremendous growth, he decided to sell. Zoran carried his passion for lawn care to  Trillium Facility Solutions, where he continues to offer comprehensive landscaping solutions year-round.