Seasonal Landscaping

With over 10 years of landscaping facilities management for commercial clients on a national basis, there isn’t a lawn care maintenance challenge that our facility management company has not overcome.

Our landscaping providers are comfortable working in any environment throughout the U.S. and have the knowledge and talent necessary to devise seasonal facilities maintenance plans that will keep your landscape looking clean and inviting year-round.

The Importance of a Well-Kept Exterior

The exterior of your facility, from the windows to the sidewalks to the grass, can tell visitors a lot about your business and its core values. Trillium leverages its experience, knowledge and provider network to help clients like you design a landscape that conveys a positive message and creates a good first impression.

Before we get to work, however, we identify your property’s unique needs and natural attributes. This step makes it easier to optimize the health and aesthetics of a property in a cost-effective manner, and despite what Mother Nature has to throw their way.

Beyond the Basics

While weekly mowing and hedge trimming are part of our repertoire, our capabilities extend far beyond those most basic of services. Our landscaping facilities maintenance experts know how to keep grounds’ natural attributes looking fresh and presentable during all four seasons. Regardless of your location, your landscaping services will begin with a pre-season, in-season and end-of-season plan:

  • Pre-Season: During the pre-season phase of spring, your assigned FM facility maintenance provider will perform basic facilities services, such as cleanup, mulching, trimming and sprucing. During this stage, your provider may also work with you to design next season’s landscape.
  • In-Season: In the “high maintenance” warmer months, your lawn will require weekly care and attention. Fortunately, you won’t have to give your landscaping much thought, as Trillium will arrange for the mowing, flower maintenance, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, aerating and debris pick-up. If necessary, we will also perform pest and disease control.
  • End-of-Season: End-of-season maintenance looks a lot like pre-season maintenance. Your provider will rake up the leaves, prune back the perennials, winterize fountains and ensure your landscape is ready for the colder months.

Your curb appeal extends far beyond your landscaping. Every exterior aspect, from your parking lots to your windows, makes a lasting impression on visitors. In addition to caring for the natural side of your landscape, Trillium also tends to the human-made structures for a clean and cohesive finished product.

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Maintaining the landscaping at multiple facilities can be a difficult and time-consuming process without the right provider on your side. Trillium has the resources, talent and know-how to take over this vital business responsibility and ensure your landscape is in optimal condition year-round, with little to no effort on your part.

Schedule a call today to discuss your landscaping needs and request a quote.

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