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facility management software

Taking care of business properties is a huge responsibility. Trillium Facility Solutions understands this and maintains locations for some of the nation’s largest companies, including Walmart and U.S. Cellular.

Our experience counts for a great deal, and so do our tools. We use facility management software to streamline the entire management process and provide outstanding service to all of our clients. Our electronic platform eliminates the stress of missed call-out requests, late-night emails and texts, and multiple work orders. Together with our software, we take facility management to the next level.

Program Features

We use facilities management software called Simple FM, and it truly does make the process of property oversight easy for you and for our nationwide team of professionals. It offers many features to make life simpler, including the abilities to:

  • Submit work orders quickly and easily anytime
  • Track your work requests and provider progress
  • Receive one easy-to-understand invoice that makes paying for our services simple and quick

Our program helps providers also, as it allows them to easily see, manage, and respond to your work orders. Our facility maintenance software is available via a mobile app as well, so you can report problems and track your work orders at your convenience, wherever you are.

These advanced features help you, your workforce, and, ultimately, your company. The reason we use our facility management software is that it helps us give you the best possible service we can.

Advantages of Facility Management Software

A comprehensive facilities maintenance software program helps us provide the complete range of services our clients require to keep their properties in optimal condition. Since emergencies do not happen on schedule, Simple FM lets us offer 24/7 service.

Whether you have one location or 100, this electronic platform allows you to connect with professionals in multiple disciplines to provide support and service at your properties when you need them. Our facility management software offers many other advantages too, including:

  • Automated, organized flows for routine maintenance requests
  • Easy tracking for you and our providers
  • Simplified work order requests
  • Easy scheduling of routine maintenance work
  • Proactive responses from our contractors
  • Efficient invoicing and payment processing

There are so many reasons to keep your properties clean and maintained. Building maintenance services ensure that well-kept buildings make a good first impression on the public as well as business partners. They announce that you are attentive to details, conscientious, and caring. Employees are more productive and have better attitudes when they work in clean, safe environments. This leads to more efficient operations, higher quality, and improved customer service. Everyone wins.

Regular maintenance should extend to the outside of your properties as well. When you use our facility management software to schedule tasks inside or outside, from general cleaning to complex systems maintenance to landscaping, you are investing in your own bottom line. Regular checks can prevent large, costly repairs that might shut down operations.

You can rest easy, too, knowing that we and our contractors are insured and that you can track your job requests throughout the process. Less stress makes everyone’s life better. While we are ready to help any business, some industries in particular can benefit from our advanced facility management software platform.

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Public eateries, whether franchises, chains, or fast food locations, face specific challenges, including:

  • Preventing equipment and structural systems from breaking down
  • Caring for and maintaining expensive kitchen equipment
  • Ensuring the facilities are thoroughly clean

Our advanced facility management software makes it easy for restaurants to schedule regular checks on systems and equipment. This helps prevent costly problems from developing. Our software also makes it quick to schedule routine cleanings, creating an atmosphere that makes eating out fun and pleasant. If customers have a good experience, they are more likely to return and share their positive feelings with others.

Retail Stores

Store managers are busy people who need to be able to multitask and communicate well with others. The facility management software we use allows store managers and employees to conveniently submit and track work orders in real-time. This easy process means they can put their focus on providing customer service rather than dealing with repairs and maintenance issues.

Luxury Shops

Luxury retailers focus on giving customers a comfortable, plush experience in a sumptuous, spotless environment. With our facility management software program, they can set up cleaning schedules as well as preventative checks for important systems such as HVAC and electrical circuits. By keeping their locations in top condition, they are able to provide an uninterrupted atmosphere of opulence and style.

Convenience Stores

The world of convenience stores is changing. Since this niche is extremely competitive, many locations are branching out to provide other in-store services, including:

  • Coffee areas
  • Fast-serve eateries
  • Self-serve checkouts
  • Financial services
  • Showers

With these expansions, there is an even greater need for these locations to keep their properties sparkling clean and in optimal condition. Our facility management software helps managers arrange for regular cleanings as well as routine checks for important structural systems.

Retail Healthcare

The category of retail healthcare includes multiple types of facilities such as:
  • Hospital-sponsored off-campus emergency care locations
  • Retail health clinics
  • Urgent care sites

Whatever a medical facility’s specific focus may be, all of these properties must be sanitized and keep their equipment and facility systems in excellent condition. Employees at these locations can use our software platform to set up cleaning services, including window washing, as well as equipment and systems checks.

Emerging Industries Ripe for Facility Oversight

Since today’s markets are changing, other growing industries also will benefit from expert facility management services, including:

cmms software
  • Fitness centers
  • Spas
  • Grocery stores
  • Self-storage locations
  • Financial institutions

Companies are opening their eyes to the fact that clean, well-maintained facilities matter to customers. As the digital age has ushered in extreme levels of competition for many sectors, industries of all sorts are looking to give themselves an edge over competitors. Attractive properties that are taken care of give companies an advantage when it comes to drawing in and keeping customers.

We make it easy for firms to benefit from professional property management. Our digital repair and maintenance platform that allows for hassle-free scheduling and real-time tracking is a boon to every business wishing to take care of its properties and its profits.

Software for Superior Service

Our founder began in the landscaping business. He built that business up into a successful firm and eventually sold it. He wanted to expand into other areas of facility maintenance, and so he founded Trillium. Today we have a nationwide network of experienced contractors and a deep love for what we do.

Our software takes our passion to the next level. It lets you schedule routine maintenance as well as report emergencies quickly and then track repairs. Billing is easy and organized. With our services and our software, you will never again have to worry about desperately finding a professional in the middle of the night. We take the stress out of maintaining beautiful, efficient, and safe properties.

Your Property Maintenance Solution

We take care of your properties so you can take care of your business. Our facility management software is a convenient, easy-to-use portal for you and for our contractors. Contact us today and give your company, your employees, and your customers the gift of clean, safe buildings.

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