Support for Ukraine

We've Reached Our Goal.

Thank You!

Dear Valued Customer, Supplier, and Employee of Trillium: Through our partners and who will deliver 40 tons of food & supplies for $30,000 per truckload – they work through local churches and hope centers in and around Ukraine. The truckloads will be delivered daily as funding is provided. Let’s work together and distribute funds during this world crisis, serving the needs of precious people.

The strategy:

  • Secure & deploy funding ($30,000 will provide 40 tons of food & supplies). 
  • For immediate impact, we will be sending these funds daily as they are received 
  • Trillium will match $3 for ever $1 donated, deploying a total of $4! 
  • 100% of the donations will go directly to food & supplies, no administrative cost