What is Facilities Management?

What is Facilities Management?

About Facilities Management

As a business owner, you are likely concerned with profits, losses and assets, with assets—including equipment, buildings and property—being a large part of establishing business value. What do you do to ensure that your business maintains value? It is necessary to care for the facility and the machinery that keeps the operation afloat. However, as the owner, it is difficult to focus on creating and meeting organizational objectives while caring for the property. Therefore, it becomes necessary to delegate these duties, which are often handed over to a facilities management company. Although, before you hand over one of the most significant operational budgets and responsibilities to such a company, you need to understand the duties and objectives of a facilities manager.

Tasks of Facility Managers

Facilities management is a multifaceted profession meant to maintain the efficiency and functionality of a built environment by ensuring the safety and comfort of those who work for the business. These professionals are charged with maintaining the work environments of a business as well as ensuring areas that house inventory and other operational elements are clean and safe for personnel. Also, facilities managers are experts in sustainable tactics for cost management and mitigating and managing risks. Through their efforts, a business can sustain operational efficiency and retain regulatory compliance without a reduction in productivity.

Relevance of the Job

As internal practices become more oriented toward automation and infrastructure, the role of facilities managers is evolving to encompass more responsibilities. The growing responsibilities include a growing skillset as well as a more substantial budget. It is no wonder, then, that services providing facilities management have developed larger teams to help maintain larger and more complex organizational infrastructures. Also, the larger teams are needed to adapt to the growth and development of current business real estate models. The demand for environmental accountability and tech-savvy business models means that companies need skilled laborers to maintain hard assets, which is why facility management services are more relevant now than ever before.

Skills Required

There is a misconception that facilities management is another more glorified term for janitorial or maintenance services. In truth, those specific departments are incorporated into facilities management, but they do not make up the whole of the profession or department. Facility managers have skills that go beyond standard cleaning practices. These professionals understand finance and business, risk management, real estate, facility and technology management. Their job goes beyond collecting waste and mopping floors. A reputable facility manager is skilled in both operations and maintenance, and they understand the importance of schedules and communication. When facilities managers do their job well, they are invisible and only you to work without hindrance or distraction.

Evolving Trends

Above all else, a facility manager’s job is to maintain the efficiency and operations of a business’s hard assets. However, they must also do that while adapting to the trends and wills of the consumer and the industry. The world has taken a definite shift over the last decade to become more environmentally responsible. Therefore, the task of a facilities management service is to ensure that the functionality of operations is adherent to that environmental philosophy. By incorporating new cleaning practices and standards, a business can reduce its negative environmental impact while promoting awareness and effectiveness of change.

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